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Preparing for More Than a Quiz
July 05, 2009

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222. How does demand for private schooling vary across locations with different private school supply? Analysis of data from Rural India. 2014.
Author: Amita Chudgar and Benjamin Creed

218. Educational Vouchers and Social Cohesion: A Statistical Analysis of Student Civic Attitudes in Sweden, 1999-2009. 2013.
Author: M. Najeeb Shafiq and John P. Myers

215. Private responses to state failure: the growth in private education (and why) in Lagos, Nigeria. 2013.
Author: Joanna Härmä

208. Parents and teachers on local school markets: Evidence from Sweden. 2012
Author: Nihad Bunar

203. Educational Voucher Scheme in Lahore: Serving the Underserved. 2012.
Author: Ali Ansari

192. Private and Public Education: A Cross-National Exploration with TIMSS 2003. 2010.
Author: Leslie Rutkowski & David Rutkowski

182. Parental Choice in the Netherlands: Growing Concerns about Segregation. 2009
Author: Helen F. Ladd, Edward B. Fiske, & Nienke Ruijs

181. Choice, Vouchers and the Consequences for Public High Schools: Lessons from Australia. 2009.
Author: Louise Watson and Chris Ryan

180. The Effectiveness of Private Voucher Education: Evidence from Structural School Switches. 2009.
Author: Bernardo Lara, Alejandra Mizala, & Andrea Repetto

179. The Shift to School Choice in New Zealand. 2009.
Author: Elizabeth A. Morphis

178. For-profit Schooling and the Politics of Education Reform in Chile: When Ideology Trumps Evidence. 2009.
Author: Gregory Elacqua

162. The Impact of Lowering of Academic Standards on Educational Outcomes: Evidence from An Unusual Policy in India. 2008.
Author: Joydeep Roy

161. Designing Targeted Educational Voucher Schemes for the Poor in Developing Countries. 2008.
Author: M. Najeeb Shafiq

159. An Evaluation of the Charter School Movement in Alberta, Canada. 2008.
Author: Kat Thomson

157. School Choice in the Republic of Ireland: An Unqualified Commitment to Parental Choice. 2008.
Author: Robert A. Fox and Nina K. Buchanan

154. Gaining Educational Equity through Promotion of Quality Education at Affordable Cost in Public Private Partnership. 2008
Author: Allah Bakhsh Malik

153. School Vouchers and Political Institutions: A Comparative Analysis of the United States and Sweden. 2008
Author: Michael Baggesen Klitgaard

144. A Game Theoretical Approach to Private Tutoring in South Korea. 2007.
Author: Ji-Ha Kim

143. The Determinants of Demand for Private Tutoring in South Korea. 2007
Author: Ji-Ha Kim

126. What is the Reality of School Competition? 2006.
Author: Cathy Wylie

125. Enrollment Practices in Response to Vouchers: Evidence from Chile. 2006.
Author: Gregory Elacqua

107. Financing Lifelong Learning: Potential of and Problems with Individual Learning Accounts in Three Countries. 2005.
Author: Hans G. Schuetze

94. Vouchers, Inequalities and the Chilean Experience. 2004.
Author: Pablo Gonzalez, Alejandra Mizala and Pilar Romaquera

93. Differences in Educational Production Between Dutch Public and Religious Schools. 2004.
Author: Jesse Levin

92. The Use of Educational Vouchers in Colombia. 2004.
Author: Patricia Mayer

90. High school types, academic performance and early labor market outcomes. 2004.
Author: Lorenzo Cappellari

81. School choice and quality. 2003.
Author: Daniele Checchi and Bruno Jappelli

76. Voter support for privatizing education: Evidence on self-interest and ideology. 2003.
Author: Wolfram Merzyn and Heinrich W. Ursprung

68. Evaluating Private Higher Education in the Philippines: The Case for Choice, Equity and Efficiency. 2003.
Author: Charisse Gulosino

59. Private Education Provision and Public Finance: The Netherlands as a Possible Model. 2002.
Author: Harry Patrinos

38. An Overview of Private Education Development in Modern China. 2002.
Author: Zeyu Xu

37. How Effective Are Private Schools in Latin America? 2002.
Author: Marie-Andree Somers, Patrick J McEwan and J Douglas Willms

36. Private Education: Funding and (De)regulation in Argentina. 2002.
Author: Alejandro Morduchowicz

34. An Analysis of Competition and Its Impact on Secondary School Examination Performance in England. 2001.
Author: R. Levacic

25. Markets in the Provision of Lifetime Learning: Evidence from the United Kingdom. 2001.
Author: Clive R. Belfield and Celia A. Brown

24. Reasons for school choice in the Netherlands and Finland. 2001.
Author: Eddie Denessen, Peter Sleegers and Frederik Smit

23. International Experience with Demand-led Financing: Education Vouchers in the USA, Great Britain and Chile. 2001.
Author: Clive R Belfield

22. Education Management Organizations and the Privatization of Public Education: A Cross-National Comparison of the USA and the UK. 2001.
Author: John Fitz and Bryan Beers

20. Private Schools as Public Provision for Education School Choice and Marketization in the Netherlands and Elsewhere in Europe. 2001.
Author: AnneBert Dijkstra, Jaap Dronkers and Sjoerd Karsten

19. Decentralization and privativatization of education in El Salvador: assessing the experience. 2001.
Author: Helga Cuellar Marchelli

18. Political Preferences and the Privatization of Education: Evidence from the UK. 2001.
Author: Clive R. Belfield

17. Educational Finance and School Choice in the United States and Canada. 2001.
Author: Stephen B. Lawton

16. States and Markets: Competing Paradigms for the Reform of Higher Education in Europe. 2001.
Author: Hans N. Weiler

13. The Long Term Impact of School Choice in the United Kingdom. 2001.
Author: Stephen Gorard

12. Workplaces in the Education Sector in the United Kingdom: How do they differ from those in other industries? 2001.
Author: Clive Belfield, Celia A. Brown, and Hywel R. Thomas

11. Private and Public Schooling in the Southern Cone: A comparative analysis of Argentina and Chile. 2001.
Author: Patrick J. McEwan

9. School Choice in the People's Republic of China. 2001.
Author: Mun C. Tsang

8. Funding for Private Schools in England and the Netherlands. Can the Piper Call the Tune? 2001.
Author: Geoffrey Walford

Financing Lifelong Learning: Potential of and Problems with Individual Learning Accounts in Three Countries
Author: Hans G. Schuetze

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April 2006. Privatization of Education in South Asia: A case for the voucher system in Pakistan
December 31, 2005

Seminar: Maps and Blueprints - The Social Organization of Schools
June 17, 2003