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Bush to Host Meeting on Stemming Closures of Catholic Schools
April 18, 2008

Largely Evangical Movement Calls for Public School Pullout
September 4, 2006

Private Schools on Rise
September 8, 2006

Who Supports Private Schools?
September 18, 2006

Opting Out of Private School
September 15, 2006

Spitzer: More State Funds To Private Schools
October 30, 2006

Wisconsin Private School Might Join Public System
November 6, 2006

In Britain, Families Go to Church, so Kids Can Go to School
November 8, 2006

Elite Private School Vows Free Tuition for Middle-, Low-Income Students
November 10, 2006

Leaving the City for the Schools, and Regretting It
November 13, 2006

Ontario parents suing for disability funds in religious schools
June 5, 2007

One in two "leaders" from private schools
June 28, 2007

Dispute on private school payments heard
October 01, 2007

Public vs. private not seen as key to learning
October 10, 2007

D.C. Catholic Schools Follow National Trend
April 11, 2008

Bush Urges Steps to Aid Urban Private Schools
April 24, 2008

Texas criticized for offering education grants to private schools
May 28, 2008

Catholic school study listed among Harkin's pet projects
July 08, 2008

Private schools pinched as aid requests rise
January 12, 2009

Mayor and Bishop Propose a Plan to Save Schools
February 07, 2009

UCLA's Lab School expansion is postponed
October 12, 2009

Recession fuels shift from private to public schools
January 07, 2010

Measure seeking funding for Maryland private schools gains momentum
March 28, 2010

Virtual schools bill gets boost
April 08, 2010

Summer program helps disadvantaged students
August 5, 2010

Tax Credits for Religious Schools Survive Challenge
April 04, 2011

Courthouses Rife With Education Policy Battles
September 29, 2011

Caps on charter schools raised
Dec 20, 2011

N.H. Charter Freeze Triggers Fierce Backlash
October 3, 2012

Publications that match your selection are presented below

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Author: Amber Peterson

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3. Comparing the Effectiveness of Public and Private Schools: A Review of Evidence and Interpretations. 2001.
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Seminar on School Choice: Danny Cohen-Zada
April 15, 2003


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