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Low-Income Parents Urged to Seek Choice in Schools
August 15, 2006

School Choice Group Grows as Force in State Elections
September 27, 2006

A Public School Choice
October 15, 2006

Class Helps San Francisco Kids Pick High School
November 7, 2006

SF Parents Start Picking Schools For Their Kids
November 19, 2006

Report says immigrant students lose in choice schools
November 29, 2006

Gov't Report: Trends in the Use of School Choice
November 28, 2006

State Education Board to lobby for school choice again
December 11, 2006

Open enrollment gives disabled students more options
December 17, 2006

Low ratings put more schools on transfer list
December 19, 2006

Teachers' union dispute casts doubt on Detroit alternative schools
December 28, 2006

51,000 opt of of Detroit schools
January 15, 2006

Parents: Race no factor in choice
February 2, 2007

Students may get choice of public schools
February 8, 2007

Report says educators need to better track alternative schools
February 7, 2007

The problem with school "choice"
March 3, 2007

School choice bill gains OK in House
March 30, 2007

Board examines bulging districts
April 6, 2007

In Buffalo, opening doors for the overlooked
May 22, 2007

Choice 'not aiding black pupils'
June 2, 2007

Sanford vetos plan for open enrollment
June 24, 2007

If shopping for a school, just redraw the map
July 9, 2007

Choice may not improve schools, study says
October 23, 2007

Education Plays Diverse Role in 2007 State-Level Elections
October 25, 2007

MPS options gain share in education marketplace
November 25, 2007

Mandated Tutoring Not Helping Md., Va. Scores
June 13, 2008

D.C. School Choice Program Offers Few Options
August 18, 2008

Mapping Analysis Finds Interdistrict-Choice Options to Be Limited
August 26, 2008

Nashville Governance Up in Air as Mayor Seeks Role in Schools
November 19, 2008

Home Schooling Goes Mainstream
November 25, 2008

Home schooling grows
January 06, 2009

LA School Board Approves School Choice Plan
August 25, 2009

At School in Queens, Success Draws Crowd
September 28, 2009

Dash for the right high school: As Oct. 30 nears,8th-graders weigh choices for next year
October 14, 2009

National school choice conference set for Oct. 25-27 at Vanderbilt
October 16, 2009

The Evolution of School Choice
October 21, 2009

Denver school choice a hit with students
November 02, 2009

Students See Hard Future if Free Fares Are Ended
December 17, 2009

Good News for Realtors: School Choice Boosts Home Values
February 02, 2010

Christie backs school choice plan
March 28, 2010

Report: 85% don't switch elementary schools
April 09, 2010

School transfers rare in Conn under 'No Child' law
August 22, 2010

Harford County offers agricultural magnet high school program
August 26, 2010

Christie signs bill into law, expanding parents' public school choices
September 11, 2010

Foundation to push for school choice
December 29, 2010

Kentucky Senate Panel Approves Bill Allowing Charter Schools, School Choice
January 07, 2011

The Year In Research On Market-Based Education Reform
January 04, 2011

Change Recommended In School Choice Funding
January 25, 2011

Budget bolsters vouchers, charters
March 20, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott signs education choice bills
June 28, 2011

Michigan Senate vote expands education options
October 27, 2011

Alaskans approve of school choice program
Oct 30, 2011

Louisiana Elections Bring Big Wins for School Choice
Nov 21, 2011

National Report Praises School-Choice System for New York City Students
Nov 29, 2011

New teacher contract could shut down school choice program
Nov 11, 2011

Will more school choice improve Arizona education?
Jan 6, 2012

States Face Virtual School Financing Challenges
Mar 15, 2012

E-Schools Put Specific Measures for Success in Place
Mar 15, 2012

Public Money Finds Back Door to Private Schools
May 21, 2012

Arizona school-choice program expands
May 15, 2012

Romney Calls for Using Title I, IDEA Funds for School Choice
May 23, 2012

Federal judge strikes down state’s school choice law
Jun 8, 2012

Tax Credit Strategy Fuels Private School Choice Push
June 13, 2012

Walker announces new online degree initiative
June 19, 2012

Slate of new courses set for schools
July 6, 2012

Choices Often Limited in ‘School Choice’ Programs
July 26, 2012

Republican Education Platform 2012 Emphasizes School Choice, Teacher Accountability
August 29, 2012

La. Opens Marketplace of Courses for Students
September 12, 2012

State Chiefs' Vacancies Crack Window on Policy
September 19, 2012

State Ballot Measures Include Hot K-12 Issues
September 26, 2012

Education funding proposal allows school choice, more online learning
November 18, 2012

Families zoned for 'failing' schools would get $3,500 tax credit, even if they are in private school now, says Alabama Accountability Act sponsor
March 2, 2013

Brewer’s plan for education performance funding advancing
March 4, 2013

Open Enrollment in Districts: Choices and Consequences
July 11, 2013

New Orleans, New York City Top List of Friendliest Cities for School Choice
January 8, 2014

School Choice Bills Spark Much Debate, Plenty of Controversy
March 16, 2014

Open enrollment study challenges conventional wisdom
March 3, 2015

Alabama Accountability Act upheld by state Supreme Court
March 2, 2015

Florida bill would let students attend any school in state
March 28, 2015

Budget crunch could stunt school choice program's growth
April 11, 2015

For some parents, search for better schools could lead to jail
May 14, 2015

Nevada parents to get unprecedented school choice
June 1, 2015

When “school choice” leads families to trade one bad school for another
September 14, 2015

Is school choice good for states?
September 27, 2015

LDOE: School choice enrollments tripled since 2012
October 11, 2015

State seeks dismissal of lawsuit against Education Savings Accounts
October 19, 2015

School choice battle launched over Croydon students
November 4, 2015

Education savings account expansion to be explored
December 21, 2015

Patrick: School Choice A Top Priority in 2017
January 7, 2016

Publications that match your selection are presented below

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Events that match your selection are presented below

NCSL Annual Meeting: Alternatives to Traditional Public Education: An Update on Charters, Vouchers and Tax Credits
August 01, 2005

Conference: American Children and Their Reform Movements
July 12, 2005

Vouchers, Charters, Choice: A Conversation About Education Policy
March 15, 2005

Seminar on School Choice: Danny Cohen-Zada
April 15, 2003

Panel Presentation at the American Education Finance Association Conference, Alberquerque, March 2002 - School Types
March 11, 2002

School Choice and Racial Diversity
May 22, 2001


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