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Education Department Expands Tutoring
July 26, 2006

Public Schools Perform Near Private Ones in Study
July 15, 2006

Big Business Going to Bat for NCLB
October 18, 2006

Gates, Hewlett foundations team up
December 18, 2006

Klein edges toward school revolution
March 25, 2007

Contractor evaluating own reading program
April 1, 2007

Schools put parents at arms length
May 7, 2007

Private sector 'to loan teachers'
May 26, 2007

Philadelphia to keep outside managers one more year
June 28, 2007

Provision on Tutoring Raises Renewal Issues (subscription)
October 10, 2007

Legacy may impede new charter official
December 26, 2007

The Privatization Infatuation
February 20, 2008

Book Calls for Careful Design of Choice Plans
March 20, 2008

Rhee Offers Plan To Improve D.C.'s Troubled Schools
May 16, 2008

The $20,000 question
July 19, 2008

Walton Family Puts Stamp On Education Landscape
November 04, 2008

Scholars Discuss 'Disruptive Innovation' in K-12 Education
November 04, 2008

Hard-Hit Schools Try Public-Relations Push
August 17, 2009

Charter schools bill advances from education committee
February 23, 2010

Duncan: “Emergency action” needed now to avoid teacher layoffs
May 18, 2010

Senate panel votes to let charter schools give admission preference to neighborhood students
May 20, 2010

Publications that match your selection are presented below

226. The Impact of "No Excuses" Charter Schools on Academic Achievement. 2015.
Author: Albert Cheng, Collin Hitt, Brian Kisida, and Jonathan N. Mills

225. Theory versus Reality in Charter Schools in Colombia. 2015.
Author: D. Brent Edwards Jr. and Hilary Hartley

224. Tiptoeing Around Private Schools in the Global Partnership for Education. 2015.
Author: Francine Menashy

213. Fiscal Impacts of charter schoos: Lessons from New York. 2012.
Author: Robert Bifulco & Randall Reback

212. Effect of Constraints on Tiebout Competition: Evidence from the Michigan School Finance Reform. 2012.
Author: Rajashri Chakrabarti & Joydeep Roy

197. Taking Charge of Choice: New Roles for New Leaders. 2012.
Author: Claire Smrekar and Madeline Mavrogordato

187. The endurance of centralized governance systems in an age of school district decentralization. 2010.
Author: Heather Schwartz

184. Mobility, Housing Markets, and Schools: Estimating General Equilibrium Effects of Interdistrict Choice. 2010.
Author: Eric J. Brunner, Sung-Woo Cho, and Randall Reback

182. Parental Choice in the Netherlands: Growing Concerns about Segregation. 2009
Author: Helen F. Ladd, Edward B. Fiske, & Nienke Ruijs

175. Local Demand for School Choice: Evidence from the Washington Charter School Referenda. 2009.
Author: Sean P. Corcoran and Christiana Stoddard

171. Shopping in the Political Arena: Strategic Venue Selection by Private Organized Interests. 2009.
Author: Heath Brown, Thomas T. Holyoke & Jeffrey R. Henig

168. Fulfilling Parents' Wishes: Property Taxes, School Choice, and Referendum Success. 2008.
Author: Arnold F. Shober

164. Moving On: Why Students Move Between Districts Under Open Enrollment. 2008.
Author: John F. Witte, Deven E. Carlson and Lesley Lavery

162. The Impact of Lowering of Academic Standards on Educational Outcomes: Evidence from An Unusual Policy in India. 2008.
Author: Joydeep Roy

153. School Vouchers and Political Institutions: A Comparative Analysis of the United States and Sweden. 2008
Author: Michael Baggesen Klitgaard

152. The Grinding Battle with Circumstance: Charter Schools and the Potential of School-Based Collective Bargaining. 2008
Author: Jonathan Gyurko

151. School Governance and Information: Does Choice Lead to Better-Informed Parents? 2008
Author: Brian Kisida and Patrick J. Wolf

150. Legislative Activities on Charter Schools: The Beginning of Policy Change? 2008.
Author: Ramona McNeal & Lisa Dotterweich

148. Choice, Competition, and Organizational Orientation: A Geo-Spatial Analysis of Charter Schools and the Distribution of Educational Opportunities. 2007.
Author: Christopher Lubienski and Charisse Gulosino

138. The Policy Landscape of Educational Entrepreneurship. 2007.
Author: Patrick McGuinn

137. Irreconcilable Differences? Education Vouchers and the Suburban Response. 2007.
Author: Chad d'Entremont and Luis A. Huerta

136. Do Private Markets Improve the Quality or Quantity of Primary Schooling in Sub-Saharan Africa? 2007.
Author: Jane A. Lincove

119. Politics of Charter Schools: Competing National Advocacy Coalitions Meet Local Politics. 2006.
Author: Michael W. Kirst

113. The Political Economy of School Choice: Support for Charter Schools Across States and School Districts. 2006.
Author: Christiana Stoddard and Sean P. Corcoran

112. The Evidence on Education Vouchers: An Application to the Cleveland Scholarship and Tutoring Program. 2006.
Author: Clive Belfield

106. All Choices Created Equal? How Good Parents Select “Failing” Schools. 2005.
Author: Courtney Bell

103. An Analysis of Florida’s Voluntary Pre-K Program. 2005.
Author: Shana Kennedy-Salchow

99. Supply and Demand in a Public School Choice Program. 2005.
Author: Randall Reback

98. Free Speech and Free Exercise of Religion in California Charter Schools, 2005.
Author: J. Shelton Baxter

95. Vouchers and Public Policy: When Ideology Trumps Evidence. 2004.
Author: Henry M. Levin and Clive Belfield

76. Voter support for privatizing education: Evidence on self-interest and ideology. 2003.
Author: Wolfram Merzyn and Heinrich W. Ursprung

56. Homeowners, Property Values, and the Political Economy of the School Voucher. 2002.
Author: Eric Brunner and Jon Sonstelie

42. Voting on Vouchers: A Socio-Political Analysis of California Proposition 38, Fall 2000. 2002.
Author: James Catterall and Richard Chapleau

18. Political Preferences and the Privatization of Education: Evidence from the UK. 2001.
Author: Clive R. Belfield

Events that match your selection are presented below

APPAM Conference Symposium: Costs, Returns and School and District Organization
October 23, 2004


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